Sunshine all week….and what do I wake up to?


Zaf said…
How will you progress ROK in the band assisted movements?

What we are going to do this cycle is to increase her volume on her band assisted movements and go heavier on all her supplementary back work.

Currently she is trying to do 5×8 with say band 3.

What I’ll look to do is to progress her from doing it in blocks to doing a solid 5 sets of 8 reps at the end of the cycle…I’ll start taking notes of what to video so you can see the progressions…I’ll put this on the list.

Do you stay with that band for the whole cycle or go down to band 2 which provides less assistance.
Unlike the bar or dumbells where you can add 1-2 kgs to progress then bands provide very big jumps in load. How do you decide on set x rep schemes when you don’t have as much control over the load?

We’ll stay with the same band for the entirity of the training block and look to improve the reps quality.

Ben said…

thanks for those rower times will!

My bit was easy…thank the lads for doing it.

i’ll have a go at them in the next few weeks myself, our concept II is rooted atm though so i have to use some other piece of garbage, or ill make someone else do it instead which is probably my preferance anyway coz they dont look like much fun

That is always my preference as well.

now you may have answered this before and I missed it but do you have a ‘fitness’ test that you use? like a time for a certain distance or something like the rest of the tests (pushups/inv rows in 60sec, squats with bw etc etc) i stole from you?

Mate I think I’ve had one original idea in my whole coaching career…and I have a feeling that isn’t actually true and that my one idea wasn’t original it is just that I forgot who I stole it from…so steal away.

This is a Yes and No answer…like a lot of mine….next week there will be a massive whiteboard going up in the back of our gym and on it I will have our records…people will set lots of different records…I think for example on the rower we might set a 500m and a 2000m record and they’ll be there for whoever thinks they have the ticker to beat. I have a feeling that this record board could be the cause of some serious injuries….we’ll see how it goes.

What I usually do is to use something in the program as a test…for example GL and FoS will both have those intervals in their program during their respective training cycles and they will try to beat that each week…because that’s how they are….and we’ll see how they are going at the end of the cycle….we’ll find some other way to ‘test’ them in there next cycle and probably 3 months from now we’ll come back and do this current interval session again in an unloading week.

Ben said…

also was going to ask if someone was fresh to this how would you break them in. Last time you were talking about someone who you thought was capable of it – had a big engine or whatever, but what if they were a nubee?

from that post im guessing you would go something like 200, 400, 600 then back down again with decent rest periods then over time increase the number sets and distances in each set and decrease rest times? is that close or am i overthinking it?

I usually start beginners out with 150’s which they’d do in around 30 or so seconds give or take a few either side and give them say 30 then 45 then 60 seconds rest. I’d make that a set and then work out how many sets I thought they could handle. After 2 weeks I would either increase the number of sets or reduce the recovery periods depending on what I see…as in I want to see people pulling a strong 150 consitently….if they are recovering fast then I’ll drop the recovery periods but if they are pulling strong but look like they need every second of recovery to do so then I’ll start tacking some extra sets on the end. Once they have built up a reasonable work capacity then I will start increasing the distances covered. I’m really not into pure endurance work…just bores me to tears…so what I tend to do is to push the intensity…and look to do that for longer…so if they are pulling sub 1.35/500m pace for their 150’s…let’s do that for 200 or 250 and keep the recovery the same.

I hope that helps? I will keep posting athletes actual sessions so you get a proper feel for how I progress them.

DG is starting a new program having just finished a 4 week transition program and he is going to have a HEAP of intervals as we are going to go to war on his fatness.

He tested today and the results were as follows:
Height: 196cm
Weight: 108.5kg
Bodyfat: 20.5.9%
1RM Bench: 105kg
Pull Ups: 7 reps
Push Ups(60sec): 41 reps
Inverted Rows(60sec): 23 reps
Squat: 10 reps

What we are going to do is to get his fat down and bring his bench and squat up because he really should be punching out better numbers on those.

So we’ll do 3 weights sessions a week and 3 conditioning sessions.

Session 1 will be some dynamic leg work and max effort bench variation work in the 3-5 reps range and some supplementary back work.
Session 2 will be max effort back work and unilateral leg work for reps.
Session 3 will be his heavy leg session with all his prehab work and tidying up day for his prehab and mobility work.
He’ll have some short high intensity intervals, some short intervals with limited recovery and a long interval session. I’ll fill in the details later.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine all week….and what do I wake up to?

  1. Thanks Will.

    Do you use any tests to decide which band to use assistance.

    e.g if they can get 10 reps with band 2 then we use that for 5×8.

    Also if they hit their target of 5×8 with band 2 at the end of they cycle how do you decide on what volume will be used in the next cycle?

    Again with free weights you can estimate the correct load increase required, with bands you just have to go to the next one down.

  2. Zaf,
    Do you use any tests to decide which band to use assistance.

    e.g if they can get 10 reps with band 2 then we use that for 5×8.

    No, I just use what I think it right.

    Also if they hit their target of 5×8 with band 2 at the end of they cycle how do you decide on what volume will be used in the next cycle?

    Again with free weights you can estimate the correct load increase required, with bands you just have to go to the next one down.

    I’m looking to get people away from bands as soon as I can.

    I use the bands just to lift the volume.

    If you can’t do a pull up I’d much rather people get 5 or so with a band then do none at all…or if they can get 3 or 5 then getting there volume up and having them do 8-12 works much better when it comes to increasing their performance.

  3. thanks will, answers my questions perfectly. i think ill start off with 150’s and work out some similar loads for the other machines (we only have one piece of each equipment, versa climber, rower etc) so i can get people doing this stuff simultaneously when i need it

    cheers mate

  4. Ben,
    No problem…it is a more of a time and intensity thing rather than distance…I’ve written programs for the versa climber as well. I will drop Mike Sullivan an email and see if he’ll send me his program, what he actually did and what he thought of it to give you some idea of what that would look like.

  5. oh and we had a record white board up, it worked well for a while until someone thought they would draw pictures of cocks and balls and putting my name as the record holder for most KFC eaten in a day etc then it seemed to loose its appeal

  6. Ben,
    Trust me when I tell you that I guarantee that will not be happening in our gym. In fact if anyone so much as goes near that whiteboard to do anything other than write up a PB I will kick their arse.

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