Questions from sunny Portugal

Sure. I have one question that has been in my mind since when you helped me with my paper, but I’ll save it for last.
I didn’t know if I should e-mail them to you or post here because they are kind of not related to any of your posts. But here goes:

1- Is that you in the black wife beater? And if so,what the fuck!
Yes, that is me in the black wife beater. I know…I’m jakt.

2- What kind of warm-up do you have your athletes doing(nothing exotic,i know)?It’s something that has been on my mind lately.
Depends…lower body session or upper body session…but generally it goes like this…general systemic warm up…so that means spinning your wheels on the bike or cranking out some 150’s on the rower. Then if it is an upper body dominant session they’ll do some scap rows, scap push ups and maybe a little band traction then jump into their warm up sets on their first exercise. Lower body it might be some overs and unders to open up their hips and loosen up and some leg swings and then into the warm up sets.

3-You said something the other day that has been on my mind alot.You said that if one of your athletes is able to do all the “tests”, then you send him/her back to their sport coaches.What kind of maintenance work do they do?None?
What we do then is work on other things…this is hard to generalise about so I’ll give you an example…I could take an athlete from a good 140 kg bench to a great 180kg bench in 6 months but to get him from 180kg to 220kgs might take me years…not only that….chasing those sort of numbers takes a lot of time and also comes with a lot of risks and in the end from an athletic point of view…is it worth the time and effort? So instead for example with JM…he has gone from a 135kg bench to a 150kg bench and when he tests next week I think he should hit 165kg and within 2 more training cycles 180kg. After that we’ll put a lot more time and effort into ‘using’ that strength and making sure he can apply it to do as much physical damage as possible on the pitch. A lot more power work more work on this rate of force development…does that make sense. His bench will in all likelihood continue to climb as a result but it won’t be something we’ll be programming for….it’ll be incidental…unlike now…where we are trying to just get his strength up to that 1.5 time body weight goal.

4-You actually think i know enough to criticize your plans? I don’t! I’m here to get better;) I’ve never seens this kind of work done for athletes,so at least, i’ve been thinking about it alot.
I criticise my plans all the time…I’ve no problem with anyone else doing it.

5- The “reverse periodization” comment is very interesting.
It is not only interesting…in practice it turns out to be true…go figure.

6- Oh, and the BF issue, IMO,is pretty simple, but i can be wrong.
The 20% and 15% values are pretty abrbitrary and the ideal BF% is judged by performance.
Obviously, guys who have to run more/faster, will have lower bodyfat levels.
But you have to draw the line somewhere and your years of experience may have given you these guidelines.
They are COMPLETELY arbitrary and I don’t really care about them too much. The best body fat test as far as I’m concerned can be administered at home…strip down naked and stand in front of a full length mirror and jump up and down a little…if you are not disgusted, horrified and ashamed of what you see….then your body fat is probably OK…if you are…then it should shock you into closing the fridge door and getting to the gym in a hurry.
The reason that I set them so ‘high’ is that when I have guys trying to increase their muscle mass I don’t want them concerned about their abs…their is very little point in being a ripped 90kg back row when you have a not as ripped 105kg back row stomping up and down all over you…because lets face it…even if he doesn’t have abs…he’s still getting the girls because he’s a winner…and I’d rather coach winners with no abs. So in short…if the fatness isn’t detrimental to performance…I really don’t care. When players get to their ideal playing weight and they’re jakt…everybody is happy.


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