So what do I do exactly?

Well I’m glad I asked…I’m basically a strength and conditioning coach…I do more of the former than the latter in that I mainly write programs and coach the gym part of athletes training programs…I say mainly as in I do a lot of conditioning work…just more strength work.

I’ve decided I’m not going to talk much about what I do. Instead I’m just going to show it…I’m going to take people as they come to me from here on in and if they don’t mind I’m going to describe them and why they came to me…I’m actually tossing around the idea of maybe just developing a questionnaire to get people to fill out and just posting it up…I’m going to detail their screening and testing results when they start and then do that on an ongoing basis.

For the ones that aren’t shy I’m also going to post their pictures as well so we can see the visual as well as testing changes over time.


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